Fuel Pump Relay Test

Fuel Pump Relay Test - Modern vehicles are some of the maximum complex machines ever manufactured. Each machine is supported by numerous subsystems. 

Every issue has a big position to play inside the universal functioning, as all systems rely on each different. In case of gasoline injection systems, one of the maximum essential elements is a gas pump relay. 

A failure of this part can cripple your automobile's functioning. In case of any gasoline injection problems, it's miles standard to run a take a look at at the relay, to decide if the source of the problem is that element.


The gasoline pump relay switches the pump on and rancid. All the essential systems of a automobile are managed by means of the 'Engine Control Unit (ECU)', which video display units and executes all of its capabilities. 

The ECU controls the fuel pump, through the relay. It is typically packed in a plastic casing and attached to the ignition system. It is typically located close to the guidance column, at the firewall. It is basically like a small transformer machine, which works at the precept of magnetic induction.

For the engine cycle to begin, it is essential that it is supplied with the right quantity of gas, at the right strain. 

For that, the pump wishes to be in a operating situation. When there are troubles with the relay, the pump cannot characteristic, leading to main car starting issues. 

The relay comes into the picture two times, at some point of the operation of a gas pump. At the very begin of the engine cycle, it engages with the pump, to replace it on and later, it disengages after the pump starts offevolved operation.

Later, the strength required for functioning of the pump is typically provided by way of the oil strain sending unit. The relay is once more switched on when the pump desires to be powered off. So, it's far essential that the relay remains practical, if you want the automobile ignition to be easy.

Bad Relay Symptoms

When a relay stops functioning, the engine cycle can not begin. So, one of the prime signs and symptoms is a car beginning problem. Other than that, a behind schedule triggering of the engine may also suggest a bad relay. 

Your gas pump problems can also truely be relay issues. However, to isolate a badly functioning relay because the motive of car beginning troubles, you need to run a check.

Test Procedure

You will want a ohmmeter for checking out the relay. Also needed, can be a circuit diagram of the relay, in case you get one. 

The diagram is by and large published in the relay itself. Firstly, find the relay, the usage of the auto reference manual. Detach the relay and cast off it from its casing. All you need to do all through the complete test, is test for continuity and resistance between terminals.

There are 4 important terminals to check. These encompass two electricity terminals and two manage terminals. 

Set the ohmmeter on its lowest resistance value. Connect one of the ohmmeter leads with the primary electricity terminal and second with the opposite one. 

If you find the resistance to be some thing less than countless, then the relay has undoubtedly shorted and it wishes a replacement.

Next, get hold of jumper wires and connect one from the positive terminal of the auto battery to the fantastic control terminal. 

Also join any other jumper cable from the negative of vehicle battery terminal to ground. If you hear the relay clicking, as soon as you are making the floor connection, it is in running condition. 

Lastly, check the continuity and resistance among the strength and manage terminals. The resistance between them need to be a few ohms. If it is infinite, you then want to head for a relay alternative.

All you want is a ohmmeter to check voltage values and continuity. In case you are not certain about the way to go approximately it, just visit your nearest automobile restore middle for help.


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