Fundraising Letter Samples

Fundraising Letter Samples - Raising money even for a noble motive is tough sufficient, on top of that writing a fundraising letter can be more intimidating as, maximum of the time, one gets caught deciding on the right words to solicit donations for the charity. 

For volunteers who are planning to put together a charity occasion if you want to acquire donations and lift cash for an awesome purpose from prospective donors or sponsors, selling their motive via writing an in depth fundraising letter can show to be very beneficial. 

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As that is an essential step in impressing the usefulness of your motive, in preference to groping inside the darkish for the right phrases refer to three fundraising letter samples presented right here.

Writing Fundraising Letter

When writing a fundraising letter for any reason, like funeral charges, health care fees, faculty occasion, etc., start out through telling a story that may capture the reader's interest and motivate them to donate willingly for the occasion. 

A incredibly quick, but sincere explanation of why the funds are wished ought to be explained properly within the letter. Once the readers have a clean knowledge of why the charity event is taking region, the next thing what they could need to understand is where these donations may be going. So, the next factor of your letter ought to be explaining how the funds for the charity are going for use.

Last, and the most critical a part of the letter which maximum donors would like to realize is what the charity event has to offer them. 

Usually, the event might be a vehicle wash, bake sale, or backyard sale in which people come to shop for something used, understanding the cash may be going for a noble cause. Some human beings are so beneficiant or get moved by the story that they donate with out the use of the event's services. 

Another essential detail of your letter is a P.S., which may be a amazing way to rephrase your donation request. Hence, add a P.S. To the letter with the primary points protected, in order that, if human beings speedy skim the letter, they may at least see the principle factors you want to get across to your fundraising letter. 

However, in case you are still confused regarding your fundraising letter layout, given below is a samples, observed by an instance that will help you in your letter writing system.

Fundraising Letter Sample


Dear [name],

The [name of event] will [write about what the event will enable your organization to do]. This 12 months's [name of event] is a [purpose of the event and place] will be hung on [date].

This occasion calls for a extraordinary commitment from volunteers or occasion members, who've no longer handiest worked day and night to finish this occasion, but additionally boost at least [amount] in donations simply to take part.

This yr, I am taking part as nicely and require your assist to fulfill my purpose of [amount], in order that I can live as much as my dedication.

[Name of the donor or sponsor], via giving to the [name of event], you will be helping [name of organization] and supporting them provide [write what and to whom they will provide].

Please take this opportunity to help the [name of event and organization]. Your donation will accomplish that an awful lot to help [briefly explain the people or community that the event supports].

Thank you a lot for sparing your treasured time and being inclined to assist us.

Yours honestly,
Your Name:
Your Telephone:
Your Email Address:

P.S. [write a few points to reinforce your donation request]
Fundraising Letter Example

March 15, 2010

Angela Charity Trust
Buena Park

Dear Ms. Angela,

I am writing to Angela Charity Trust on behalf of American Cancer Society's Relay For Life, as your tips indicate which you offer assist to fight against this terrible disease. The accept as true with is organizing a charity occasion on April twelfth at three, New Main Road, Orange City, California to raise budget towards cancer.

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life increases millions of greenbacks every 12 months within the fight towards cancer. The organisation builds focus of this lifestyles-threatening sickness and makes a distinction inside the lives of those suffering via it. Millions of human beings paintings day and night time to elevate cash to fight cancer by way of presenting important aids and treatment to human beings laid low with it.

I actually have also found a manner to combat this ailment with the aid of supporting this employer to raise finances. My goal is to elevate $fifty five and so I want your support. Please take this possibility to aid the occasion as your help will accomplish that plenty to help human beings suffering cancer.

You can ship a test, payable to the America Cancer Society, to my cope with given underneath, and if you have any queries regarding the occasion, please experience loose to ship me a mail at jack_smith@fightagainstcancer.Org.

Thank you in your time and generosity!

Yours genuinely,
Jack Smith
Buena Park,

P.S. If $55.00 is an excessive amount of so one can pledge presently, you can additionally do not forget pledging $25.00 or $35.00 as an alternative.
After sending the fundraising letter, if you get hold of a response within the form of a donation or contribution in your reason, recollect to ship a thanks letter to specific your gratitude. Best needs on your fundraising efforts!


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