How To Recycle And Repurpose A TV Stand

How To Recycle And Repurpose A TV Stand - I use to personal a massive cathode ray tv until I bought an HD set. Guess what...The new set could no longer in shape in the antique TV stand starting. 

With a little time and very few dollars I fashioned a custom stand from a furniture piece some might recollect unserviceable. Recycling and repurposing an item now has a fancier term…Upcycle. What a smart verb; I think it become coined through someone who simply found he ought to keep cash by using erecting an out of doors clothes line or the usage of a solar battery charger.

After flat screen HD televisions became the norm, and you couldn't supply away a cathode ray TV, anybody become stuck with chunky TV stands that housed those antiquated behemoths. 

The HD fashion television is thin and rectangular, no longer requiring a square, deep, portal to house the equipment. The older cabinets and stands have amazing intensity to accommodate the deep frame of the digital thing. Now televisions are wall installed or set atop a newer, slimmer cupboard. 

Before you buy a brand new stand or mount, don't forget a weekend assignment to recycle that old TV stand. 

By putting in new doorways over the distance wherein the tv use to set, and constructing shelves, you create a huge garage vicinity for some thing! It can also come to be a bedroom bureau or sideboard for the dining region linens and napkins. 

A reciprocating saw could make a massive TV stand right into a framed hearth mantle. In fact, once I recycled my personal 28 inch television stand, there was sufficient room to house my whole DVD, CD and VHS series, removing the library carousel. The new forty two inch HD TV rests on top of my “new” 36 inch high TV stand.

You may also nevertheless personal the antique stand or you may without problems buy a “new” one from thrift shops or garage sales. Here are some suggestions to hold in mind when buying any used furnishings:

1- Buy only all timber production, NO particle board! Those gadgets constructed with particle board can not withstand repeated moving and are covered with a plastic laminate or veneer that is impossible to replicate. It may be performed, however I choose to spend the same amount of time on a bit with a purpose to final an entire life.

2- Avoid used fixtures pieces that need huge repair or restoration. Missing hinges or pull knobs are without difficulty changed; doing away with some scratches via refinishing the pinnacle with sanding and staining will become greater worried and steeply-priced than you'll anticipate. Consider painting to healthy current décor.

Three- Recognize your very own skills and obstacles to finish any challenge. Do you have got get right of entry to to all hand and/or energy gear and the requisite competencies?This is a brilliant assignment for novice or experienced handyman and it have to be your concept of amusing, not a chore.

The first step in recycling the vintage TV stand turned into to decide the sort and range of doorways. You can assemble a single or double, framed or unframed cupboard door. An instance of every is discovered on most kitchen cabinetry. 

A framed cupboard door has a wood frame with a timber or glass insert and the unframed is a door of equal thickness the whole duration and width. There isn't any great choice, but a strong unframed difficult plywood is the least complex and high priced to manufacture. 

It will be given any stain or paint finish you choice and calls for no less than hand equipment to finish. Remember this is a weekend undertaking.

I selected stable all rightframing with alrightplywood insert to fit a pair of present doors on the antique unit. I created the 3/eight inch dados (grooves) in the framing with  passes on a table noticed to simply accept the plywood insert. 

Each door was stained English Colonial and a satin urethane coat for a healthy to the original colour.

How To Recycle And Repurpose A TV Stand

The 2nd step is to take actual measurements of the width and height of the outlet you want to surround. Halve the width to create double doorways. 

Whether you pick unmarried or double, framed or unframed, deduct ¼ inch from the height to permit a non-binding swing of the doorways. The old cathode TV turned into very heavy and might have triggered a mild sag at the shelf.

The 1/3 step is reducing and fabrication of the door(s). I will reiterate the time venerated carpenter’s recommendation: measure two times, cut once. Nothing is worse than miscalculating size and be pressured to buy more substances. 

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The key to having a accurate suit is insuring 90 degree angles by means of the usage of a square or miter noticed. Frames may be glued or screwed around insert. I used 4 glued butt joints to enclose the door insert. Now is the time to use any stain, paint, or varnish you have got selected.

The fourth step is measuring and reducing the shelves. Cut the length 1/four inch shorter than required to fit into starting, You can get fancy by way of the usage of adjustable metal brackets to guide cabinets or keep it easy by drilling holes and spacing 3/8 inch hardwood dowels as shelf helps. Shelf top and site is dictated via item garage intentions.

The 5th and last step is hardware installation. Solid doorways require extra support due to weight. I matched the existing door hardware (hinges and pulls) from an expansion of vintage gold to be had at the local domestic improvement center.

This completes a quick creation on how to recycle a TV stand. For me, it's far extremely enjoyable to restore and reuse an object others see as insufficient or restricted in use.

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