Best Cars for Teenagers

Best Cars for Teenagers - Many a time, the primary vehicle that we own is a present from our parents at some stage in our teenage years. Isn't that proper?Parents need to ensure the protection in their infant first, and then look for different features. 

Since the automobile to be bought is for teenagers, appears also play a important function! When considering shopping for a car, there are many factors that assist in taking the final decision. 

Apart from safety and looks, parents also want to examine the 'cost element'. You want to look at the high-quality deals that the market has to provide. As for now, let's see the exceptional motors for teenagers to force.

Best Cars to Buy for Teenagers

When speakme of the first-class vehicles to shop for for young adults, there are  alternatives. First, if your pocket permits, or if you are not involved about the budget, then you may cross for a ultra-modern vehicle with protection functions and fashion designer seems. 

Best Cars for Teenagers

Best Cars for Teenagers
Second, if there may be a value component, then either you may cross for motors that value less, or pick out between some of the first-rate used vehicles which can be perfect for young adults! There are many automobiles (previous yr's fashions) which can be purchased brand new, but at a decrease fee. You will discover many on-line vehicle dealers on the way to quote you a few heavy discounted prices on such vehicles as they need to cast off them as quickly as possible. Below is the listing of top 10 motors to buy for a teenager, in no particular order.

Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra is a vehicle that can carry each the mother and father and their teenage children at the same web page. While mother and father want a vehicle which could preserve their younger drivers secure, teens need a car which appears sporty, fashionable, and spacious, having sufficient room for friends. This version has not only revised itself with a innovative design, but it also has a extra effective gasoline economy and brilliant protection capabilities.

Toyota Corolla

With the electronic stability manipulate for all trims and exceptional gasoline economy, this vehicle was among the Top Safety Pick of Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) in 2010. However, in terms of the 2012 fashions, it has been ranked thirty ninth out of forty a number of the lower priced small automobiles. Reviewers remember this version to respectable enough, however they are saying that the consumers can get a higher pick out from the competitors in the identical fee.


The Mazda3 is likewise an extraordinary desire for turning into a youngster's journey! Although it is a small car, but the redesigned model has provide you with quite a few peppy functions which consist of heated the front seat and bluetooth connectivity. The indoors area is quite exact and secure! The overall performance of this vehicle has been rated quite nicely and consequently this vehicle is protected in this list.

Kia Forte

Apart from the fact that this vehicle is less expensive, this is also one of the nice options that you can keep in mind for your teenager. The Kia Forte additionally has more desirable capabilities like Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports; also the style and area that a youngster needs, at the side of electronic stability manipulate, six airbags, 5 door hatchback and anti-lock brakes; some thing that the dad and mom want. This car is a first-rate option for purchasers who want an less expensive automobile with general functions, style, and luxury.

Mitsubishi Lancer

This is again one of the most famous car among teens! The Mitsubishi Lancer has got appears to die for! It's sleek, it's fashionable, and the overall performance too, is magnificent! Many teenagers also personalize this vehicle to get that severe sporty appearance. If your youngster is an inexperienced driving force, it is recommended no longer to head for its Ralliart or Evolution version as they both are turbocharged. As far as the 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer is concerned, it is definitely a vehicle with the intention to be purchased for the overall performance, at the same time as missing in different capabilities like gas economy and fee.

Subaru Impreza

This vehicle is one of the maximum endorsed vehicles for teenagers. The Subaru Impreza is an AWD car at the side of ESC (Electronic Stability Control) that makes this vehicle secure and reliable. However, the 2012 Subaru Impreza is not the nice among the gas green vehicles, but has an appealing layout and many standard safety capabilities, making it to the listing of quality vehicles for teenagers!

Volkswagen Jetta

Another popular vehicle amongst young adults is the Volkswagen Jetta! The handling and the controls of this automobile are respectable sufficient for secure motorway riding and has scored properly with the aid of IIHS most of the top safety picks. However, the 2012 Volkswagen Jetta is said to have cheap plastic interiors on the decrease trims, which human beings are not glad approximately. Apart from this poor factor, the high-quality element approximately this vehicle is that it has plenty of space and the base charge of this version is pretty cheap.

Honda Civic

This is one of the pinnacle automobiles for teenagers as it has the looks and fashion that a teen seeks, and also the coping with and protection that parents want. Its functions include stylish appears, reliability, financial system, space, overall performance, consolation, and all which you need in a vehicle! Also listed the various first-rate used automobiles for a youngster, this Honda model is clearly an excellent choice!

Honda Insight

Although this Honda automobile is a touch costly, you could look for an excellent 2nd hand deal. The cause why I say that is because, although it is used, it nevertheless is one of the nice used automobiles for teenagers! This car is not handiest a trip but an encouraging associate which could advise your teenager to take it easy and sluggish at the brakes and gasoline. It consists of a online game like sprint which trains green drivers to adopt proper and secure riding strategies. The Honda Insight is a hybrid automobile and may be a touch expensive, but if safety is your standards, the charge you pay is totally well worth the money!

Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is a touch expensive, however completely really worth the money as per the reviews! The 2011 Volkswagen Golf is thought to have elegant luxurious interiors at the side of extremely powerful engines. It can even have an alternative for diesel engines in contrast to the sooner fashions. If cash is not a constraint, then you may go for the new 2012 Volkswagen Golf, which has been indexed as one of the pinnacle protection picks via IIHS.
Some of the Best Used Cars for Teenagers

Apart from the motors referred to above, if you are seeking out shopping for cheap used motors, then given below are a few more options that you could recollect.

Kia Soul
Smart Fortwo
Ford Fiesta
Honda Accord
Nissan Rogue
Scion xB
Honda CRV
Chevrolet Cruze
Pontiac Vibe
Honda Fit
Suzuki SX4 Hatchback

So these have been a number of the high-quality automobiles that satisfy the desires of each the parents and teens. These models are nicely designed and are overall performance oriented making them the high-quality desire to be the first automobile for your teen! Make positive you take a look at all types of cars before you eventually decide on getting your kid's first owned vehicle. All the first-rate!


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