Hybrid Cars Comparison

Hybrid Cars Comparison - A hybrid vehicle or car is an car that uses multiple kind of source of strength to propel itself. Today, these hybrid vehicles aren't just automobiles that use  resources of strength to move, however additionally make contributions to a more healthy surroundings. They have assumed a greater role as today they use fossil fuels, blended with different pollutants-unfastened and inexhaustible resources of strength. 

The maximum common hybrid automobile principally uses  sources of power: flamable engine and electrical electricity that is left over from the combustible engine. Some additionally contain the use of gas cells within the system. Several companies have released those hello-tech motors in the market. Comparing hybrid cards with all functions and calculations related to such automobiles and their comparison has been provided in this article.

Hybrid Cars: A Comparison

The following evaluation table will assist you to finalize your selection.

Features Toyota Prius Toyota Camry Hybrid Saturn Aura Hybrid Nissan Altima Hybrid Lexus GS 450h Honda Civic Hybrid Honda Accord Hybrid
Fuel Type Regular Gasoline Regular Gasoline Regular Gasoline Regular Gasoline Premium Gasoline Regular Gasoline Regular Gasoline
Transmission Auto (CVT) Auto (CVT) Auto (CVT) Auto (CVT) Auto (S6) Auto (CVT) Auto (five speed)
MPG in City 60 40 28 forty two 25 forty nine 28
MPG on Highway 51 38 35 36 28 51 35
Overall MPG fifty five 39 30 39 26 50 31
Cost for 25 Miles $1.Forty six $2.06 $2.68 $2.06 $three.27 $1.61 $2.60
Fuel to Drive 25 Miles 0.Forty five gal zero.64 gal zero.Eighty three gal 0.64 gal 0.Ninety six gal 0.50 gal zero.Eighty one gal
Cost To Fill Tank $34.49 $49.Eighty five $47.Fifty three $fifty seven.96 $52.Sixty three $35.Sixty five $49.56
Miles in step with Tank 589 miles 604 miles 443 miles 702 miles 402 miles 554 miles 477 miles
Tank Volume 11.9 gal 17.2 gal 16.4 gal 20.0 gal 17.2 gal 12.3 gal 17.1 gal
Carbon Dioxide Emission per Annum 3.4 tons 4.8 tons 6.0 tons 4.7 tons 8.0 tons 4.4 tons 6.8 tons
EPA Size Class Midsize Car Midsize Car Midsize Car Midsize Car Compact Car Compact Car Midsize Car
Engine Size in Liters 1.5 2.4 2.4 2.5 3.5 1.3 3
Cylinders 4 4 4 4 6 4 6
Passenger Volume 96 ft3 (HB) 101ft3 (4D) NA 101ft3 (4D) 98 ft3 (4D) 91ft3 (4D) 103ft3 (4D)
Luggage Volume 16 ft3 (HB) 11ft3 (4D) NA 10 ft3 (4D) 8 ft3 (4D) 10ft3 (4D) 11ft3 (4D)

I have not mentioned prices in this comparison chart as they differ from place to place. Basically, the car that gives out less carbon dioxide per year is the better one. Another point that matters a lot is the economical operation of the car.


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