10 Milestones Of Ivalo  Proving Ground - Nokian Tyres' seven hundred-hectare proving ground in Ivalo, Finland, is in use from November to May. With today's equipment, the distinctive assessments and the professional team of workers make sure that every one the intense situations in wintry weather using are very well studied.

10 Milestones Of Ivalo  Proving Ground

10 Milestones Of Ivalo  Proving Ground
1. Grip on Ice

Tammij'rvi Lake is the largest lake on the Ivalo proving floor. Three straight test tracks measuring one kilometer every are set upon its icy surface each winter so that it will degree tyres' grip for the duration of braking and acceleration. Three 20 meters x 1,000 meters ice straights

2. Grip on Snow

The friction values of a tyre's lateral and longitudinal grip are measured the use of device mounted in the take a look at vehicle. Tests are carried out on  straights of various lengths. The floor on these tracks is made of tough-packed snow. Test tracks: 20 meters x 1,000 meters and 25 meters x 500 meters.

3. Hill Test

The hill check is used to measure and examine how a tyre (in Swedish: d'ck) climbs up a steep slope. Three routes with one of a kind profiles and steepness and a unique variety of curves lead as much as the hill. Test outcomes are acquired from the check driving force's comments and goal measurements - maximum 20% incline - three routes: 1,000 meters, 900 meters and 500 meters.

4. Handling on Ice

Conducted on an icy floor, this dealing with take a look at measures a tyre's most grip in curves with unique radiuses and on an extended straightaway. Measurement results and the check motive force's views are used within the evaluation. Two ice-blanketed tracks: 800 meters and 1,000 meters.
5. Handling on a Snowy Track

In this dealing with check, an experienced take a look at motive force compares the tyres' conduct on a snowy tune, i.E. On a tough-packed snow floor. The direction measuring simply over 12 kilometers simulates normal street situations with its slopes and curves.- a winding street with slopes and curves, about 12 kilometers lengthy hard-packed snow floor

6. Handling on a Snowy Track II

The 2d music supposed for comparing tyres' conduct in snow is about one kilometer lengthy. In checking out terms, that is a so-called index song wherein tyres' primary residences may be described. 

The disturbing path features a massive number of curves with exceptional radiuses. Test drivers find out the difference between various tyres with the aid of riding at the intense limits of the tyres' grip and at extraordinarily high speeds. Measured driving instances and the test drivers' subjective assessments complement every other.

7. Lateral Grip and Longitudinal Stability on Ice

A tyre's lateral grip and longitudinal balance are decided through evaluating its conduct on ice. Lateral grip is examined on an icy circle music. Lap times are recorded in the circle song take a look at, and otherwise comparisons are based on subjective views of the tyre's handling. 

When carrying out checks on ice, testers goal to maintain conditions as constant as feasible by using roughening the music's surface with a especially designed roughener. The goal is to maintain the ice lightly slippery. Circle diameter three hundred meters ' coping with track 2,three hundred meters.

8. Maintenance Area: Office and Garages

The Ivalo proving ground has a upkeep building, housing the office premises and a meeting room. During the busiest intervals, trying out is completed on a really tight agenda, with all to be had time utilized as successfully as feasible. The garages are used to keep and carrier take a look at vehicles and gadget used for repairing the take a look at tracks, and to mount and trade tyres.

9. Handling on Ice II

This coping with check which is conducted on an icy surface measures a tyre's maximum grip in curves with distinctive radiuses and on a protracted straightaway. Tyes are evaluated primarily based on measurements and test drivers' views. Ice-included track: 900 meters.

10 Milestones Of Ivalo  Proving Ground


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